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Non-Toxic Body Care
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Non-Toxic Cleaning Guide
Enjoy a fresh-smelling clean house with a variety of natural cleaning solutions.
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If you are new, Sunflower Naturals has been online since August 16th of 2004. The site has been through a lot of changes over the years, with the best yet to come...
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Many people are considering reducing purchases of petroleum-based products. One of the things I hear a lot is that they don't know what options are available or where to even start looking for alternatives to plastics.

Sunflower Naturals provides an extremely easy way to convert to high-quality plant-based products.

All products selected for the Sunflower Naturals site are evaluated for environmental fate as well as consumer safety.

The following checklist provides tips to consider your options with regard to simple, non-petroluem based products for your home...


When considering clothing, there are many plant-based options.

Cotton, linen, hemp and wool are comfortable, fashionable and waste from plant-based clothing products have minimal environmental impact.


When considering cookware and dishes, as well as storage containers, metal, glass, ceramic and clay provide style as well as durability. Although more expensive than plastic, with reasonable care, the investment will last a lifetime resulting in less damage to environment from post consumer waste.

Most recent content for activist site...

New-ish US FDA Comm Califf Pushed Xarelto
Out goes corrupt Hamburg/Woodcock. In comes corrupt Califf.

Why We Must Shut Down USA FDA
Healthcare organizations around the world depend on US FDA decisions, however, profit, rather than safety, seems to be the primary motivation.

The CAUSE of Gender Differentiation Defects
Are you all enjoying the #ChemicalGenderRainbow brought to us by $DOW DuPont $DD :o)

The Life Cycle of a Chemtrail
Includes details of chemtrail chemical sources...

Frivolous Lawsuit Being Filed Against JohnsonAndToxin
PicRights and Associated Press attacking over Fair Use of an image.

Del Bigtree is a Hoax Spreading Fraudster
Fraud is wrongful or criminal deception and HOAX is trick into believing something preposterous.

Revisiting Global Chem Poisoning Called Spanish Flu
All so-called viruses and pandemics are caused by chemical poisoning.

Do Vaxxes Cause Autism Spectrum Disorders?
New information sheds more light on this highly controversial topic.

Virus Vaxx Scam is Chem Poisoning Coverup
Generations of poisoning people globally, without any risk of liability ;o)

United States Chemical Industry Poisoned Global Food Supply
How many of your loved ones did they kill?

The Case of the Poisoned Chickens
Who poisoned the chickens? Gates? Biden? Schwab? Dow/DuPont ;o)

The Myth of Viral Contagion
Virus-based therapies PROVE that viral contagion is a myth.

Janet Woodcock for FDA Commissioner? Uh, NO.
She'll approve anything, even if it will kill you ;o)

Get Prepared for In-School Vaxx Clinics
Exemptions and parental consent removed, funding in place to set up vaxx clinics in your school ;o)

News and Studies...

Microplastics discovered in human blood are 'unsettling.' Scientists are trying to figure out whether they're harmful.
They've been found in the Mariana Trench and at the top of Mount Everest, in dust and food and drinking water, in human placentas and baby bottles. Now scientists have found them in human blood.

Microplastics in human blood: Is it harmful to health?
However, laboratory experiments have shown that microplastic particles do a lot of damage to human cells. The particles do not dissolve or break down into any other substance in the body (non-degradable) and reach different parts of the body.

Obesogens: How They Are Identified and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Their Action
Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are chemicals that resemble natural hormones and disrupt endocrine function by interfering with the body's endogenous hormones.

Obesogens: an emerging threat to public health
Recently, Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have been implicated in metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Aggressive behavior and serum testosterone concentration during the maturation process of male mice: the effects of fetal exposure to bisphenol A
In this study we evaluated the effect of fetal exposure to bisphenol A, which mimics estrogenic activity, on aggressive behavior and hormonal change in male mice.

The Association between Bisphenol A, Steroid Hormones, and Selected MicroRNAs Levels in Seminal Plasma of Men with Infertility
Our results suggest that BPA may negatively affect sperm quality.

Exposure to bisphenol A is associated with recurrent miscarriage
RESULTS: Exposure to bisphenol A is associated with recurrent miscarriage.

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